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About Vispera

Víspera - the best of both worlds with beans from the coffee's origin Colombia combined with Swedish quality and craftsmanship – Colombian heritage / Swedish craftmanship.

Víspera - a rich premium brewed coffee made from 100% Arabica beans grown at high altitude. The unique variations in taste and fragrance created thanks to the involvement of beans from other countries and regions, of course, with the same quality requirements. Products are roasted in a Swedish coffee roasting plant, founded in 1891, which has been the Royal Purveyors to His Majesty since Gustav V's time.

Víspera, which is Spanish, means evening or the day before a holiday and evokes the serenity, but also a positive, expectant atmosphere.

Our products

Víspera is available in three variants: Awakening Stockholm, Colorful Cartagena and Happy Carolina. The names reflect the strength and character of the different flavors and accordingly they are suitable in different situations:

Each product contains 225 grams of coffee equivalent to about 36 cups of coffee. Refills are of course available if needed.

Happy Carolina
A coffee that puts flavor to life. Intense, lively and fruity aroma. Medium roasted with a taste that is dominated by fresh, red apples and chocolate.
Colorful Cartagena
A coffee experience that adds intensity. Intense, spicy and extra dark roast coffee with powerful aroma. Notes from the rich soils of Popayan.
Awakening Stockholm
A coffee that gives a satisfying start to the day. Soft and velvety gently roasted coffee. Subtle aromas and flavors given a spirited, sweet and lightly fruity cup.

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